• How can the washer find my car?


When you select the address where your car is located, there is also an option to write more details of where exactly your vehicle is parked to help the Splasher find it.


  • Do I have to be there when the Splasher arrives?


No you don’t. Splash will let you know when the Splasher arrives to your car. You will also be able to receive pictures of your car before the wash and after the wash. This way there is no need to be there when the Splasher arrives.


  • Do I need to have any equipment to give to the Splasher?


No. The Splasher will have bring the necessary equipment to wash your car.


  • Is it possible to pay in cash to the Splasher?


Unfortunately it is not possible to pay the Splasher with cash. The payment method is through the app itself. You will receive a receipt at the end of the process.


  • How can I get in contact with Splash?


For any questions you may have just email us at: info@splashmycar.com or go to the contact us page in the app or website to reach us.


  • Where can I order a wash with Splash?


You can order a Wash anywhere inside of Israel.


  • How is it possible to wash the car without water?


Splashers use a waterless product and microfiber towels in order to give the perfect clean to your car. The waterless product removes all the dirt from your car without damaging the paint or glasses of the car.


  • Why to use Splash?


Splash will save you all the time that takes to take your vehicle to a car wash. It allows you to order a wash from wherever you are without having to be there. It costs the same price or even less as a Car-wash but without all the hassle to get there.


  • Can I tip the Splasher?


After you receive all the pictures of your car and are satisfied with the results, you may tip the Splasher to show how grateful you are with his service. (You may also leave him a 5 stars rating)

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