Common questions:

  1. How much money can I earn as a car washer?

As car washer, you set the cost for the services you offer. External wash or external and internal wash (Together).

  1. How do I get paid?

The car washer receives an automatic payment through the application (no-cash). The car washer needs to add their bank account details and the money will be transferred by the 15th of each month.

  1. At what hours should the car washer work?

There is no schedule or minimum amount of work hours. Car washers can choose any request from car owners to wash their cars whenever they want.

  1. Does Splash take a commission from my income?

No, Splash does not take any payment/fees from the washes. Car washers earn the amount of money they have chosen.

  1. Where does the car washer works?

The location is determined by the car owner (Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Givatayim).

  1. Does the car washer choose his work area?


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